What /troll/ looks like upon entering

Why Are You Even Here is an invisible board on Ponychan under the title of /troll/. If one were to access the board, their skin will immediatly be changed to the pinkie skin until you change it, and even if changed while on the board when a thread is clicked the Pinkie theme will reassert itself

/troll/ is where many parasprite threads are sent to by moderators, if they are not outright deleted. Bans may or may not be handed out accordingly. While originally, threads there did not auto-delete, making it a precursor to /test/ and a humerous archive, eventually threads were set to delete.

Threads cannot be created on this board, but non-locked threads can be replied to.

The heading "Why are you Even Here" reminds as always not to feed the parasprites.

Why Are You Even Here
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