Warmitchine is a member of the "waricus machinium" species and is often found in it's natural habitat of /pony/. Normally Warmitchine will not leave it's home, however Warmitchine will migrate to /chat/ territory during it's nocturnal cycle in search of threads to derail. The Warmitchine's diet primarily consists of plot-derails, but has also been sighted scavenging topics it knows little to nothing about from other user's derails.Warmitchine will typically get along well with other species of user and even joins small groups of bagsica butthurteri, caboozicis anonymus, and other species in a communal ecosystem. But Warmitchine are not always so friendly. The natural enemy of the Warmitchine is the dragon punching species that is most definitely not a furry. These two species often battle over threads, topics, and mates. But in the end the Warmitchine overpowers the non-furry user.


Warmitchine are seen in only one form which resembles an orange equine with a large hat. Although it has never been sighted in another form, it is quite possible that it puts on materials from it's native habitat to conceal itself and has yet to be sighted without this camouflage. Here are several pictures taken of the Warmitchine.


Applejack appreciates that
Applejack confused

The Warmitchine is prone to causing and furthering plot derails, as was listed above. Warmitchine often entertain themselves by inserting itself into projects, pictures, or it's favorite, user clopfics. It will first bring up the subject with it's primary self insertion call, "Y U no include Warmitchine?". If this fails it will continue to bring the topic back up until it is included in the project, after which it will never stop asking about it until it's completion. Previous self insertions have resulted in things like this picture depicting Warmitchine among other users in a massive pile of "shipp".

Tower of user shipping

The Tower of User Shipping

HavahdYahd wut

Amusing picture by Warmitchine

Another example of Warmitchine bahavior is to create pictures including other users. These pictures typically depict a humorous or potentioally offensive scene.Here are some examples below.

Mating Cycle

Little is known about the Warmitchine's mating season, rituals, or preference in mates. This is likely due to the fact that a Warmitchine has never been witnessed mating in the wild. It is believed that Warmitchine simply eat large amounts of food, and split into two identical users which go on to search for their own derails.

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