For other information regarding vausten, please go to user:vausten. Vausten is a stupid asshole from parts unknown, it is said he's what you get if you take every Asian race on the planet and mutate them together into something not Prussian.

Vausten is now and forever will be Jelly's faithful puppy. He enjoys belly rubs and being called a good boy.

Vausten also very much enjoys fluffy tiem roleplay c:


Frederick the Great of Prussia. Someone Vausten is not

Inability to be Prussian

Vausten suffers from a case of being Asian, something that is very not Prussian. Although he tries very hard to fix his illness, he just can't seem to get the formula right to be as Prussian or as handsome as Everything Man: the king of earth.

Vausten has tried several things, including plastic surgery and voodoo magic to turn himself into glorious Prussian master race, but all have failed.

Being bad at vidya games

Since the creation of the Nintendo 64 in 1475, Vausten has been terrible at video games. The fucker can't even play Jet Force Gemeni for christ sakes.

Why am I so bad at video games?- Vausten

Weird shit this kid does

I once watched Vausten down a entire cannister of gasoline, dude is fucking cray-cray

 "Where am I I am not good with computer." - Plshalp

Some stupid song some chump-ass kid made

Vausten, Vausten

Doing stuff in Roleplay!

Forcing out an "Okay",

'cause he is a sergal!

Vausten, Vausten

Swimming in dat /rp/!

Pretty big and pretty coo',

He beat Rape Twilight black and blue!

Vausten Lick

taste of fear

Like an /rp/ sergal poster guy,

He will fill your board with WHY,

He's the rapist of /rp/!

He'll stop Dulset Tarn eating ye!


He is Vausten,


Just don't let him go near Sen!


He is Vausten,


Inventor of the SPESS MAHREEN!

~ This musical number brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood Rainbow Cash.

Fffffffff by ThatOldRobot

I don't think he's to impressed by my musical skills... ~ Rainbow Cash

Also wants you to know that he didn't enjoy the sex with vilici

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