Twilight Threads

Only a fraction of the threads leading up to the event.

Twilight Night (Also known as /oat/light sparkle) occurred on the night of December 20th and into the morning of December 21st of 2011 in a night of pure /oat/ spirit causing a massive large-scale posting of Twilight Sparkle threads. The catalyst of the event was a large percetage of Twilight threads already present on the front page unintentionally (Namely Twilight appreciation threads and just generally threads that started with a Twilight image), and as a response, several posters began posting Twilight threads of their own in order to completely take over the front page of /oat/.

After the first hour or two, the board's name was temporarily changed to "Twilight Sparkle" and the default theme set to Twilight Sparkle.

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