What /arch/ looks like upon entering, starting with the very first archived Ponychan thread. (Note that there is no text box to reply or start a thread in.)

Twilight's Library (abbreviated /arch/) is a board that serves as a permanent thread repository for threads on Ponychan, then later had equivalents on Efchan and MLPchan. While accessible, users cannot make a thread in it, as the title suggests, an archive of the best (or worst, all in opinion) threads to hit their respective sites. Most threads can still be and contiued to be posted in, but some wind up locked. On Ponychan, as of late 2012, all threads on /arch/ are locked. However, on efchan and MLPchan, they will remain unlocked unless stated otherwise. It should be noted that if a user is banned during a raid, accidentally or intentionally, it is possible that all posts by that user's IP address will be deleted from the site, including any in /arch/. This can be evident in some threads where there are replies to posts that no longer exist.


Some threads begin with a poor topic, yet redeem themselves depending on the direction of the fail.

Some /arch/ threads were cleaned up by !!Celestia's trusted team of moderators on the 7th of September, 2011. Another user on /rp/ has also started to automatically archive all threads on /meta/, /chat/ and /rp/ on Ponychan. No word on whether or not he is still pursuing that archive project in a while.

Many threads on MLPchan that were archived came from their /anon/ board. This may turn out to be common sight, as anonymity encourages posting about something, rather than someone.

Efchan, out of the aforementioned sites, seems to have the most peculiar threads of them all archived. The archive board first opened when one user by the name "Jamie Russell" (a play-on for "rustled jimmies") drew MS paint drawings of all the posters and a poorly drafted description of them.

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