'Anonymous posting is pretty much the default mode of posting on chan boards, but ponychan spefically has an extremely large percentage of people who post with names.

–[Ponychan FAQ]

Your username goes in the namefield. However, if you believe your handle is prone to impersonation, you are free to use a password, which goes in the same field. This is called a tripcode.

A tripcode is a hash key (or password) that follows a name, then a pound sign (#), to generate a string of characters of which the last ten in the sequence complete a usertrip. A usertrip is the identifiable coupling of a Username and Tripcode which makes the monicker easy to follow.


Essentially like all hashed passwords, the 10-character string is just a random series of numbers, letters, and punctuation. While the generated sequence would take eons to build, most users will use a program called Tripcode Explorer to manipulate the hash into comprehensive language.

Imageboards & Taboos


Orange's sticky, 2/11/11


Hawkeye, or !!BigMac, on tripcodes.

Ponychan is notorious for having a more social community than the average imageboard. This is why many users find themselves so stunned to find such an abnormally high usage of them on the site, whereas the abuse of them on most imageboards is deemed a taboo due to its nature to interfere with credibility of its associated users and the remainder of the anonymous community.

Let's look into the possible explanation of this.

  • The community welcomes newcomers, including those who aren't familiar with the taboos of imageboards.
  • Splintered imageboards tend to have higher trip-to-anon ratio

The abnormally large trip-to-anon ratio is quite peculiar on Ponychan. Most associated users explain that they prefer to be recognized as an individual, and often justify that Ponychan is treated more akin to a forum, which sets its boundaries between individuals differently. Much of them are civil enough to credit one by the merits of their post rather than their reputation anyhow.

'When you put up a tripcode !!Celestia comes to your house and compliments you on how amazing you look and to tell you how proud he is that you became the man you now are.'

–It really works!


Sadly, the tripcodes are more than likely to blame for all the forced memes and derails in the community. A few users on /oat/, for example, are notorious for making dedicated threads (or derailing other people's threads) with their OC's and avatars rather than posting something new and creative. While these shenanigans come off as  pretty silly at first, they they would never catch on if it weren't for the same poster to constantly use it. This is the same thing that most imageboard communities try to avoid.

External Links

  1. FAQ Section
  2. Proof of authenticity of Orange's sticky

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