The princess is now a drug and the week may be retarded

Captions can be ridiculous, but they can also be pretty funny.

Transcribe Audio (or Closed Captions) is a wonderful feature on YouTube videos where viewers can watch the videos with computer-generated captions. However, these are usually very off, resulting in hilarity with completely ilrelevant words due to the transcriber mishearing the words. For example, "Three months of winter coolness" could get translated into "land mines in oklahoma" and "Alright..." could be translated into "pro right". It is thanks to this function that the sea serpent from Friendship is Magic, part 2 was named Steven Magnet, the dragon from Dragonshy was named Basil and the dragon from Owl's Well That Ends Well was named Margaret. Not to mention, it reveals facts such as Applejack owning a bar (and being a weather forecaster), eBay existing in Equestria despite the lack of computers along with Hotmail, Spike knowing that he's in a cartoon show, Rainbow Dash being a crow and Scootaloo being Gordon Freeman in disguise.