Drawn By:

Ghastlie and Da Krager






approx. 33 gyrobowls


Is it an OC? Then it's shit.

Coat Color

Some sort of gold shit I don't even..


Chop its horn and count the rings.

Ticket is an OC pony, and an inside joke that Ponychan users commonly post on /pic / and /oat /. The idea was inspired by an online stream where a loop of Rainbow dash chanting "Ticket" was played, consequently making the chat flood with that name. While the original pony was drawn by Gastlie and Da Krager, many users have accepted this blantly (and ironically) Mary-Sue OC as the mascot of Ponychan .

OC Analysis

The OC itself consist of a bright gold mane and tail, forest green eyes, and a dark yellow coat, bearing a cutie mark of a Golden Ticket for the Grand Galloping Gala, which it also resembelled. As of now, no one has worked on a backstory of this pony, or a personality, for that matter. That is, if you don't count her love for golden tickets.

Current Status

While Ticket threads started off as legitimate and relevant threads on /pic/, posts consisting of ticket are now usually around to derail existing threads that were already going downhill to begin with. That is why it now witholds its status as a god-awfully forced meme, where it once was as much hated as Nyx from Past Sins fanfiction, it has recieved better views nowadays.

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