I am a god among ants

First ever OP image of what would become the TKC

The Thread Killer's Club (TKC) is a serial subcommunity thread targeted to those who doesn't feel like they fit in anywhere else, kills thread when they post in them or just doesn't feel like showing their face much. It was created on Ponychan on Saturday 2011-06-11. It's an example of one of the first serial threads who wasn't reposted when autosaged, which was a common nuisance at the time, but instead waited until on page 15 to be reposted. It is currently located on MLPchan's /oat/ board.

Background story

The first threads was posted by Rainy Dash !RAINYg3kLY and never died. To the posters never wanted to be the last poster in the thread, thus "killing" it. As they went on the threads quickly attracted more members, often outcasts from other serials, until finally becoming as popular as the Hayride or Love and Advice serials.

The first active members of the TKC is known to be George Bush, Space Core and Rainy Dash. Later common posters such as Nova, Kokonoe, Cardigan and Kamina would join as everyday posters. As the time went on many different posters came and left but the TKC is still living long and prospering.

Members and ex-members

These are posters known to been actively posting or are still actively posting in the TKC.

The guys

And old collage of the regular posters in 2011

  • Avi
  • sauce!aSPpLejACk a.k.a. Rarity Sauce
  • Reaver
  • Peanut
  • Level 5 Virus
  • Marmaduke
  • Wizard
  • Eggs
  • Lawny
  • Ikariuga


  • The TKC was renamed for a long period, only to change back to it's original name.

Thread Killers Club
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