Derailments happen a lot on /oat/. However, they're not usually caused by buffalo.

For category page, see Category:Derails.

Thread Derailments occur when a thread is steered away from the topic discussed in the original post to a different topic completely. In ye olde Ponychan, Spiderman could derail a thread in ten seconds flat, but lately, this has changed. It takes much more than one Spiderman macro to completely derail the thread.

Threads can derail into just about anything, if /oat/ wills it. Threads have been observed derailing into plastic cereal bowls, Spiderman, TOOT TOOT TOOT, 999999, JOHN MADDEN, Roleplays, and many, many other things.

Some users do enjoy derailing threads, such as Gary Oak, George Bush and Max. However, these users have mostly given up their trademark derails and may have been banned for a time over them. Other users may ride derailments with more enthusiasm than the actual railed portion of the thread, depending on the topic.

It should be noted that within /oat/, roleplay has been entirely banned, and threads will either be moved to /rp/ or the indevidual poster(s) will be given a short ban.

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