The Oddessy is the second type of open-edit Google-Doc thread series of it's kind. It consists of a large variety of topics, such as "Cupcakes 2" ( a parody ) and guides to the dangers of /oat/. It is completely random in context, much like the nature of /oat/.

Open to any user, there are a few basic rules that must be followed:

1). No rule 34 or grimdark

2). No spam.

3). Le fun is required.

It is was closed on sunday, as the creator went on a holiday and didn't wish the document to be potentially attacked by griefers. A sequel thread is likely. The last part was called omega. And was open on the 24th july 00:00-24:00. (UTC+00:01) It is now permenantly closed and has been sent into Equestria Daily for approval.

Link to the current Googledoc

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