Sweetie moustache

The Anon in real life.

The Anon is a /P/AD regular known for being super awesome and shit. Anyone claiming otherwise is extremely jealous and is likely a wahaha.

Shticks of his include, but are not limited to: Posting as Sweetie Belle, posting as Seaty Belt, posting as Thrackerzod, stealing other people's reaction images, leaving secret messages in his email field, and being better then everyone else.


Rumors have circulated that The Anon is also the /pony / user known as 'Duff'. Evidence for this being that both posters are extremely awesome, and they have never been seen in the same thread together. While investigations are still underway, the current consensus is that they are indeed two different posters. For realsies, as many /ef/ users tend to remove their username when they come to /ef /.

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