Still Apony Story Thread #91

The Story Thread is a meeting place of several bronies on the /oat/ board used to write collaborational MLP fanfiction and for general chitchat. Roleplaying can be seen occasionally. The thread made its first appearance in late March and has so far seen over one hundred incarnations. Whenever it becomes 'marked for deletion' a new one is usually created right after.

The original thread was created by Still Apony (a.k.a. Stilla) and has many dedicated users participating in it. Many users in the thread know and trust each other enough to address each other by their real life names.

So far two fanfics were successfully created and released on the Equestria Daily blog. A third fanfic has been written and is currently being edited. Anyone interested can particpate in the writing process with some additions consisting of only a few sentences while others are several pages long. Stories have neither a generally agreed on storyline nor is there a brainstorming process being held before initial writing starts. Anyone participating may lead the story in the direction he or she desires. Once a story has reached its end the users participating are asked to proofread their work and fix plotholes or continuancy errors, a process which may take many days.

Finished stories:

The Dragon With the Sombrero

Let the Old God Lie

Pinkie P.I.E.

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