So, confidentially, I was the idea-father of this wiki in a thread on /oat/. Not to TOOT TOOT TOOT my own horn or anything.

I found ponies through /b/, though I left those threads almost as soon as I found them because they were too fast for me and I like to be able to keep up with everypony in a conversation. Been Ponychanning since early March, though I didn't pick up a name and tripcode until late March. In June, I decided we needed a place to store information about various funny or silly things that spring from the community, and my bro Rainbow Cash was kind enough to offer his Wikia-creating skills, and here we are today!

On Ponychan, you can usually find me in the "How is everypony?" threads on /chat/, though I also go on /oat/ on a daily basis and consider myself a g/oat/. I post with the name/tripcode Starshine !SprintMJXo . If you see me, give me a holla holla get $ and I'll wave and/or hug back! I also hang out in /co/ occasionally as a drawfag. If you see me there, throw a brick at me or something and ask me to draw for you, but no porn or gore. (Besides, MegaSweet is much better than me at that anyway. On the other hand, I suppose MegaSweet is better than me at EVERYTHING, so...) I want to cum inside Starshine Sprint.


The Best of the Best

So liek, it's not like anypony cares, but here are some of my personal favorite Ponychan memes/characters/bits of culture/WHATEVER.


Sweetie Derelle