Totally pony-related. Srsly. Just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman!

Spider-Man is the most famous Marvel Comics character who had a medicorely drawn TV show during the 1960s, a young man who developed spider-like superpowers after getting bitten from a mutated spider. The strangeness of the drawings means they are highly exploitable. Several hundred image macros have been created based on screencaps from the series, and many of them have found their way on to Ponychan from other imageboards like 4chan.

Spiderman's appearance on Ponychan is also notable because Spiderman image macros are frequently used to derail, similar to sweetie derlle, sometimes instantly, any thread in which they are posted into a thread full of screencaps of the 1960s show. For this reason, their use is heavily discouraged by Ponychan moderators.This was fought a bit by a user named Gary Oak, creating infamous Gary vs Spiderman battles in the past. Many pointless/end-of-discussion threads often gets derailed by spiderman marcos until the users get bored.

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