Spark is an efchan user that was infamous for FUCKING THINGS UP for most of the first 3-4 months of his stay. Whether it was the Iara fiasco, the MLPchan fiasco, or any of the other mistakes he made.

He was also known for being obsessed with the vita for the longest fucking time.

Thankfully, such instances and obsessions have stopped, and it seems he can finally into social cues. Thank fucking god.


Starting soon after he built his gaming computer, Spark found a like of streaming video games. Whether it is hopping onto one of Lilly Satou's streams, or inviting them to one of his, it has quickly become a habit of his.

Public Tripcode

In early june, Spark fucked up when posting a screencap - exposing his tripcode. Although now outdated, have fun fucking with him by using his old tripcode. #&&E`z^nS

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