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The frontpage of /spacetime/.

/spacetime/ is a popular hidden board that has developed its own little community on Ponychan, and at its creation, almost all of them moved to the more lax MLPchan edition. It is a successor to Ponychan's old /spaaaace/. It is interesting to note that you can actually post here, and it is used for many random threads, some of which vaguely having to do with space, and more-so often quasi-roleplay. However, due to its hidden status and no real topic other than space, it's so slow on Ponychan it could be deemed deserted. The most frequest poster here is the long time member Space Core, who often roleplays as Space Core.

On MLPchan, the /space/ board is quite populated and active enough that topics can actually be discussed. The only sticky on the board is the Space /oat/ party serial, active and running with the truncating [#cyclic] tag.

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