Sky Heart is a daily efchan Camwhore poster who is known for destroying the hearts of women. Everyone from efchan knows sky heart as the camera whore shit posting furry faggot who loves to tell everyone his darkest secrets. Even the ones that involve his penis.

Using the spikes on its rear end, sky heart peels the bark off trees and feeds on the sap that oozes out. This Pokémon's feet are tipped with suction pads that allow it to cling to glass without slipping.

Sky Heart joined efchan from the beginning. When Ponychan no longer supported the /ef/ board, him and all the posters of /ef/ flocked to the piece-o-shit board known as efchan. Sky heart then made his mark on efchan through his numerous of innapropriate, uninteresting, and camera whoring threads. But nothing tops the two threads that showed his true colors

Start of ef and the end

In July 2012, Sky heart has announced to the board that he has tasted his own semen. All the posters of efchan made fun of him unmercifully to an extent, to the point that the moderator known as black butterfly had to autosage the thread. Ever since then, Sky heart has been known as a cum vampire because he can't stop drinking his own cum. It is well known that Dick Fart was confirmed to have stolen a young, nubile, fifteen year old virgin and using blackmail, threats of violence and even warning her that he may commit jihad, she was forced to fellate him multiple times. This sick fuck then took photos of the whole affair and sent them to her parents, grandparents, close relatives, pets and the local orphanage and nunnery.

Despite being a huge faggot, Sky heart is actually a very nice and caring person once you get past the fact that he's a massive whore in many ways c:

Sometimes pretends to be Moon Horse so he may attempt to hide his imminent homosexuality by acting like a girl

In the final years of /ef/, Sky Heart was given a plane stone to evolve from a faggot type to a flying type. He now has a prominent career ahead of him to work as a flight attendant. With one of the gayest professional jobs and being soaked in /ef/'s homosexual and trans influences, he has surprisingly come out of it far more cleaner and manlier than he was in the beginning. With success on his side, he was sure to let everyone know just how successful he is in some sort of attempt to gain acceptance from the father of the chan "Tracer Bullet" and local racist "E-man"

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