/meta/ is the board where a user may discuss the current status of the site or otherwise contact site staff members. It has been known to be a source of entertainment or intense discussion, but it is mostly a civil place. People can make requests or appeal certain decisions of the moderation team.

Moderator emails and general board rules are posted here. And let it be a note to you that mods will very likely post with their personal trip rather than their capcode. So make sure you know who you are talking to!

Dual Personality

/meta/ is a board with a dual personality disorder. It can be nice and silly, or it can get pretty aggressive.

Silly Meta


srs /meta/ can be pretty aggressive.

For the majority of the boards' lifetime, more specifically when Orange was admin, it functioned very similar to /oat/, consisting of derails, lighthearted trolls, and some mod shenanigans.

Serious Meta

Then there's the srs bsns /meta/. The board is known and often provoked among its regulars to become a center of srs debate, occasionally heated. When it does, most of the mods except !!BigMac ## Mod ## and !!Trixie ## Mod ## will assume to remain hands-off until the thread winds down again. Users will sometimes drop their trips and post anonymously to refrain from letting arguments getting personal.

Unspoken Policy on Moderation

Mods are known to refrain from using their capcodes until until they are officially speaking for the team. When they are using their personal trip, they are more than likely expressing their opinion that does not represent the staff.

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