Erase me whole

Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock's former avatar

Sherlock Holmes is a poster on ponychan. He primarily resides in /oat/, but started by posting in /pic/ under the name Six Mon Coin in 2011. He lurks on /pony/ just to watch the shitstorms. His former avatar was Benedict Cumberbatch, primarily from BBC's Sherlock, but also from Parade's End, To The Ends of the Earth, Hawking, and Third Star. He now cycles through Chris Evans (of Captain America and Snowpiercer), James McAvoy (Wanted, X-Men First Class/Days of Future Past) and Benedict.  

Tumblr m7vvkxlSOs1qm0jxso1 500

Chris Evans, Sherlock's most popular current avatar.

The Poster

Sherlock Holmes has a fondness for men in fine suits. He is a starving artist and frequently lurks on /chat/ when he has no inspiration or it's too late for him to work. He can be found at several conventions throughout the US. He originally posted as a handicapped pony named Six Mon Coin, and then used to post with animated sprites of Miles Edgeworth from the Ace Attorney series. Now he posts with Benedict Cumberbatch, because Sherlock likes the shape of his face. And his eyes. And everything. He has gotten in trouble for posting Cumberbatch's bare ass before. 


  • Sherlock Holmes is FTM transgender.
  • Sherlock Holmes and TheMentalLizard are not dating, but they often flirt for fun
  • Sherlock Holmes enjoys history, art, and music
  • Sherlock Holmes' favorite pony is Sweetie Belle.
  • Sherlock Holmes actually enjoyed season 4.

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