Scootaloo stares into your soul.

Scootastare is an exploitable image by the artist mixermike622 that is an attempt to follow in the same vein as Sweetie Derelle, albeit with a different Cutie Mark Crusader. Also related to ApplebloomOMFG through the same reasoning. The image depicts a cut image of a very eager scootaloo looking towards the left.


On the 12th of July, 2011, an Anonpony started a thread on Scootaloo/Dash shipping. This was met with mixed reactions until a user named Draco Magica posted the first Scootastare. Others followed suit in a fashion incredibly close to that of the original Sweetie Derelle. Subsequently, threads were made.

During the original thread, many users were confused as to what was this was about, but some eventually decided to join in the randomness and attempt to 'convert' other users into Scootastare by 'staring into their soul'. Even !!Derpy mod joined in for a bit of the fun, quoting "This is the reason I love /oat/".

Later in the same thread, other memes like Sweetie Derelle, Spiderman and Nigel Thornberry came in the thread in attempt to battle Scootastare, and quite an epic war broke out. Eventually the thread autosaged and Scootastare activity died down, but still occasionally it can be seen posted around the website.

Where is it now?


The original image

Nowadays, the Scootastare is considered a forced meme, being sometimes spammed with little to no purpose only to serve as an annoyance, unlike in the original thread where users were being 'converted' for fun. A certain user has been banned before now for attempting to heavily force it.