Saikar the Grey. Not to be confused with Saikar the White, who makes appearances in both "The Two /Pony/'s" and "The Return of the Mod"

Saikar is a regular ponychan poster. He started posting on Ponychan, largely in /pony/ full time after Return of Harmony part 2 came out.

He is known for posting desaturated or "grey" images of Twilight as well as for being a massive dick. Seriously, the guy's a total tool. Nah, I'm just kidding, he's a pretty chill dude. Oh yeah, and the dude hates bananas. Apparently there was some cult member and a ritual sacrifice, I don't know the details.


Sai's finest moment

The glorious post which brought about SaiKar's untimely demise

it was at one time widely speculated that Saikar was truly incapable of getting banned. However, this has since been proven demonstrably false (see pic) after made a post on /meta/ so gloriously over the top a mod got jelly and removed him from the ponychan community permanently for about one hour.

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