no tears only dreams now.

Are your jimmies rustled after editing too many pages? Then kick back, relax, and unrustle your jimmies.

Rustled Jimmies is a viral meme that features a sketched image of a gorilla from the gorilla crunch cereal, often with some mention of, well, "rustled jimmies". It is frequently edited and used to convey feelings of discontent or discomfort in response to someone else’s post in imageboards and discussion forums, most notably on 4chan, which it originated from, though it has also begun trending on Ponychan and other imageboards. 

Gorilla munch productlarge

The image where it truly began.

Only dreams now04:49

Only dreams now

hush my child and unrustle thy self


The gorilla is the mascot of a cereal called Gorilla Munch, while the phrase itself comes from a greentext story on 4chan. Reddit had nothing to do with it, though they believe they did.


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