Ruff Draft version 2

Ruff Draft's OC

Ruff Draft (formerly Lightning Ruff) is a regular poster on /oat/, but can occasinoally be seen on /chat/ and /gala/, and when new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are being aired, /show/ and /pic/. Most of the time, he avatars as Pinkie Pie, but will avatar as his OC once he has more images of him.

Original Character creation

Previously, he had an OC by the name "Lightning Ruff" but changed it after a critique from Yapity. Yapity helped him design a new color scheme and name for him. Ruff Draft then decided to create a bibliography of stories his OC had supposedly written to add to the character.

OC's biography

Ruff Draft is an underground novelest. His work includes What Lies In the Everfree Forrest?, The Stare of the Cockatrice, The Hornless Unicorn, and The Starlight Path. Ruff is known to look out for his friends. He also has a reputation of being a bad flirt.

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