Roleplaying Derails, also known as RP Derails or /oat/ RPs were thread-derailing activities that involved multiple users spontaneously turning the thread into an open free-form roleplaying thread.  These roleplaying threads were open for any user to join, and were typically over the top and melodramatic.  Initially these threads were self-contained, but stories arcing between threads developed as posters involved in these derails typically came back to the same characters to post as.

/oat/ Purge

In early 2012, the Ponychan staff began placing tighter and tighter restrictions on roleplaying derails on /oat/, before eventually banning them altogether (with no announcement) due to a number of users bending the rules that were being placed upon them.  Some of the more prominent posters went on to post their ongoing threads into /rp/, but many users departed ponychan after the absolute rule against /oat/ RPs was put into place.

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