The current sticky thread of /rp/.

, or Roleplay, is a board where faggots come together and act like horny eight year olds and beg for cyber sex, as ponies, other Equestrians, or foreign characters. Here, almost anything can happen. There are several different kinds of Roleplay threads, each catering to different user's preferences. There are some basic rules to follow no matter which type of thread it is, however.

Types of Roleplay

Serious roleplays are often relatively realistic, somewhat dramatic, and may be story-driven. Often these roleplays continue for many threads, assuming they ever end. Some are planned out in advance, with varying ammounts of detail, whilst others occur spontaneously. Most events require explanation, either in impromptu backstory or thread backstory. They normally has a seperate continiuity with the less serious roleplays.

Less serious roleplays can last for as little as one thread or carry on indefinitely. They tend to be more random and chaotic than the more serious roleplays, and events may not carry over from thread to thread. They are easier to enter and exit due to a more lenient, or non-existant continuity.

The least serious roleplays emulate the once common 'oat derails' in levels of chaos, sometimes called Oatplay. There are also private roleplays or semi-private roleplays for specific users, and some roleplays may be pony or Equestrian only. The most open and simplest roleplays are the 'chill' type threads where a general area is set up for people to come in and talk, devoid of a story of any kind.


In late July, a tag system was implimented to help provide a guide describing what is going on in which threads, and what is expected and not expected, of participents. There was a surge of roleplayers after all of the oatplay characters are forced to do their plays over /rp/, not very long after due to the oat-levels of intelligence, many of the /oat/ based roleplays (for example, hell's army) had their continiuity merged with the main /rp/ series: Destination equestria, and a chain reaction was formed, almost mashing every canon and continuities in /rp/ into one.

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