Collab fighting is magic

The Fighting is Magic game thread in /collab/.

/collab/ is a board on Ponychan, short for "collaborations". It is primarily used by Ponychan users to collaborate on large projects, such as the creation of MLP video games, MLP related albums or programs such as "Desktop Ponies". Due to the nature of these threads, they do not autosage. Similar to its sibling recreational boards, /fic/ and /art/, the board is also bottomless, and all threads will remain there unless OP or a mod chooses to delete it.

The Desktop Ponies, in particular, have been the most successful project to come out of /collab/, and have been involved in numerous RPG starting projects, such as the Innocent Luna Game. As of late 2014, the board's decline has raised debate on its possible removal, as its only marginally popular project that exists now is its Desktop Ponies.

List of popular projects:

  1. Desktop Ponies
  2. Derpymail
  3. Anypony Email - In the aftermath of the disappearance of the hosting provider, all of their clients' hosted content was singlehandedly wiped off the web, amongst many of them, Anypony Email. Due to not wanting to "risk people claiming addresses that didn't belong to them", they closed their webmail services permanently.
  4. Fighting is Magic (C&D) - obligated to shut down in response to a Cease and Desist letter by an attorney representing Hasbro.
  5. Beatle Bronies - Currently still alive, though they have long abandoned their original /collab/ threads.

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