The /gala/ announcement sticky being moved to /predictionsandprophecies/.

/predictionsandprophecies/ is an invisible board for most probably stickies. Threads such as the /gala/ announcement, /chat/ announcement, /ef/ experiment sticky, and all similar global announcements have been moved to this board. There may have been others. Attempting to proceed to the board will result in a 404 error.

There is also a variation of the board known as /predictions-prophecies/.

Fun Fact: The mods have only made page 0 invisible, so it is possible to enter this board in and so on...

As of the DDoS attacks of February 2013, most of the stickies have disappeared in this board, and the only ones left have been stripped of their images.

Predictions and prophecies
is part of the many boards on Ponychan/MLPchan
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