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(97) -meta- - Ponychan X v1 Alpha

Example of nested replies.

Ponychan X is a userscript written by milky !miiiiilklE  that everyone has gotta have. It includes the floating dialog box, inline replies, automatic thread updaters with cooldown, dropdown thread menus, and an instant image drag-and-drop, similar to 4chanX, but nevertheless, entirely written from scratch. It still has a few bugs concerning the inline replies, but so far, it's the best written and the most useful userscript for Ponychan that is out. It can also perform automatic image dumps. Development is still in beta status however, and is currently halted.

If you wanna be a regular on Ponychan, this script is a MUST. The script in its entirety is written in .js, so it requires Greasemonkey, Scriptish, or Tampermonkey for installation. As of June 15th, Ponychan X is the current site's inline extension, meaning that installation is no longer required.

Highlights, as taken from the thread on /meta/:

  • Quick reply
  • Post without reloading the page
  • Queue up images and choose which to post with
  • Automatically dump queued up images with no user interaction
  • Shows image upload percent
  • Shows image thumbnail previews
  • File size warning before wasting time uploading
  • Filter
  • Names
  • Tripcodes
  • Subjects
  • Emails
  • Thread Updater
  • Post Links
  • Inline Replies
  • Backlinks
  • Tab title information
  • New post unread counter
  • Thread board and subject
  • Favicons for unread posts or a 404'd thread
  • Animate gif thumbnails
  • Show spoilered images
  • Keybinds
  • Spoiler tags
  • Bold tags
  • Italic tags
  • Underline tags
  • Strikethrough tags
  • Toggle quick reply
  • Mark thread as read

External Links

  1. Installation
  2. Changelog
  3. Thread on /meta/

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