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Pony Thread Simulator v100:51

Pony Thread Simulator v1.0-0

The First Pony Thread Simulator

Pony Thread Simulators are a series of youtube videos that poke fun at the daily living of imageboard related shenanigans, usually on 4chan. In the making of these, one would take a few screencaps of a decent, yet at the same time, cynically disturbing thread and utilize text-to-speech synth accompanied by theme music (typically Super Mario Bros. Overworld theme ) and a few reaction clips that really serve as retribution to the rather dysfunctional subculture.


On February 15, 2011, MrYaridovich uploaded a video called "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic provides a realistic representation of life on Ponyville, which is basically a remake of the original video "Moonbase Alpha provides a realistic simulation of life on a natural satellite," which consisted of gameplay of a few gamers having a little fun with the in-game text-to-voice synthesizer, rather than actually following the storyline. The pony related version featured the same soundtrack except with ponies. This video gained over a million views within the first year, ultimately becoming the inspiration and the prelude of the Pony Thread Simulator.

On June 29, 2011, a Youtuber under the name "PIFTSdotexe," uploaded a video named "Pony Thread Simulator v1.0" which featured a few dysfunctional pony related discussions on /co/, most of them being outside the MLPG where they would be more chaotic. The original was a success, reaching 250,000 views within the first year.

Pony Thread Simulator v200:51

Pony Thread Simulator v2.2

Version 2.2

Spread of Popularity

Within the first few weeks of its success, Pifts caught on with its popularity and concocted two more sequels, v2.2  and v3.0. The image shown in the beginning of Version 2.2 became the origin of the Boltman "IT BEGINS" face. All three of the videos were rather successful.

On August 9th, the Pony Thread Simulator was posted on the r/4chan/ subreddit (yeah, go figure) and began to spread outside the imageboard community. The concept of the "Thread Simulator" itself was taken and rehashed upon other boards which consequently led to thread archivals.

Pifts, the original editor of the PTS retired his series, while a few others exploited the hilarity that ensued, most noteworthy of them being a Youtube user "xXHomerSimpsonXx." Threads were selected from /co/, /b/, and later on, /mlp/. Due to the current allocation of all pony related material to this board, PTS's have almost exclusively resided on the Pony board. However, other thread simulator material can be found on their exploitable boards, such as /r9k/.

Pony Thread Simulator v200:51

Pony Thread Simulator v2.0


The PTS, for a long time, was a widely accepted aspect of the imageboard subculture. Currently, it doesn't hold this title very well. Many boards' users, especially /mlp/, do not take kindly to the attention directed from the site. Many of their users blame the PTS for degrading the "quality" of the board's content.

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