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PonyUp (Currently renamed PonyUpz) is a script written by ☀ Arcs ☼ !Dash.cWedc , which provides many useful features similar in function to the 4Chan X script. The script is available as an independent Chrome Extention and available on Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension, but it also runs under Opera with the only issue being that the script does not save settings and they must be reentered every time that Opera is started up.


Some of the features include:

  • Reverse image search through Tineye and Google
  • One click image saving
  • Animation of .gif images
  • Quick Replyboxes
  • Thread auto updating
  • Image lightboxing
  • Thread Searching

A short list of features is included with the script in the "Help Screen and Shortcut Keys." There is also a full list of features available in a Google document. This document also contains installation instructions.

Opera Support

Opera is not officially supported, but should mostly work if you enable Opera to use User JavaScripts. First go to the userscripts ponyup page. Right click the Install button and select Save Linked Content As. Save this to a folder of your choosing, preferably an empty one. Next enable User JavaScript:

  • For Mac, go to: Opera menu > Preferences > Advanced > Content > JavaScript options
  • For UNIX and Windows, go to: O menu > Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Content > JavaScript options

In the resulting window select the folder where you saved the .js file.

It was reported that you may need to disable pop-ups on Ponychan in order for the User JavaScript to work properly. To do this, right click on a Ponychan page and select Edit Site Preferences. In the resulting window select Open All Pop-ups from the Pop-ups section.

Scrapping & Refounding

The project has, as of January 12, 2012, been scrapped by Arcs. However the user Zashy has revived the project with his permission, and called it PonyUp z. It can now be found in a thread within /meta/ — it bears all of the features of PonyUp, in addition to new ones as well as the termination of numerous bugs.

It currently appears that this client-side userscript project has been abandoned. Most users have taken account that it does not have a polished Quick Reply box that still doesn't utilize any drag-and-drop features that make it an up-to-par competitor with Ponychan X.

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