Pheonix thread music topic

A thread from /phoenix/, music, which lead to the creation of /vinyl/

/phoenix/ was an experimental wildcard board, added to Ponychan on November 18th, 2011. The ideal behind /phoenix/ is that the topic of the board will change after the traffic to the board dies down by a significant amount, named after the mythical creature that "rises from the ashes."

The only major flaw of the experiment was the lack of traffic it contained. Often the mods would move relevant traffic to this board, only for their users to lash out on them for moving their threads to a relatively dead board.


Over time, the variety of topic changes over months had slowly died out, missing a few seasonal topics that could have been done the site some good, like, "Paranormal" for Halloween, "Political Debate" over Election Day, and much more. A thread on /meta/ had revealed its posting frequency, at an unhealthy rate of one post per 4.5 hours.

In December 2012, Orange finally dropped the board from the site due to inactivity.

/phoenix/ Topics in Order

  1. Cooking
  2. Music (many users asked to create a seperate board, thus music is born)
  3. Books/Literature
  4. Science
  5. TV and Movies
  6. Shipping
  7. Comics and Cartoons
  8. Technology
  9. Animals & Nature

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