Penny-Chan doing her job.

Penny-Chan (or simply Penny) is a light yellow-coat navy blue-mane unicorn pony that was created amongst active drawfriends and users of Ponychan's /oat/ board. At her creation, users enthusiastically collaborated together in the hopes of working with an OC that befits the site role best. That being said, Penny is depicted as a massive happy-go-lucky hugboxing banslinger that gleefully spreads her idea of love and tolerance forcefully and with great pride, bearing the cutie mark of a jigsaw puzzle. These depictions are deliberately exaggerated to serve as a humorous retribution to the targeted scapegoating that misleads many newcomers to believe that the site still (or ever) falls in such category.


Prior to the suggestion being brought up, one thread came up on Ponychan's /oat/ board that revisited the OC topics, and one user asked whether or not a mascot has been established on the site. Scratching their heads, the g/oat/s were not so quick to respond to the question. However, one of them, suggested whether or not the pony, Ticket is best fitting for the title. While Da Krager, the creator of that OC said that quite a few people were involved in establishing her character. However, seeing as most of those posters no longer endorse it, the /oat/ers had come to the conclusion that they didn't really have a proper mascot to represent their site, and the only reason why Ticket is often associated with that title is because no one has bothered to challenge it yet.


Not yet.

The Oatmeal Project

The next day, a thread was created on /oat/ titled, "The Oatmeal Project," where users had begun brainstorming ideas for writing a story about Ponychan, creating OC's that would fit Ponychan's history. But before they begun the story, they would need one OC that would "actually look non-terrible." The /oat/ers got to work amongst quite a number of people from /mlp/ that were critiquing what should be on the pony. The /oat/ers amused them by making an exaggerated OC that fits the description of which they viewed Ponychan.

The next day, the thread was unsaged by the board's !!PinkiePie mod, and the drawfriends completed a variety of vectors and drawings of OC that would mark the beginning of her legacy.


External Links

  1. - The Oatmeal Project thread.

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