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A Parasprite is an alternative name used by bronies in lieu of troll. The name comes from the 10'th episode of the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Swarm of the Century. When said parasprites invades ponyville and starts to consume everything in the two (including non-edible foods). Some popular anti and pro-troll phrases have been changed. Phrases include "Don't Feed The Parasprite", "Epic paraspriting brony"etc.


Typical Parasprite

Some users are known to be Parasprites from time to time, with the oldest and most well known being HitIar. Sometimes this wordfilter confuses people coming from other sites, but there are rarely incidents with it. Most parasprites may be humerous as they rage about the wordfilters, but if overdone can cause severe annoyance. This wordfilter makes it very hard to tell people about the hidden board /troll/.

With the exception of Diaperanon, plus another anon that checks dubs on /pony/. Recently, ponychan has had few long-running parasprites since it's olden days.