The overpony, showing a long-running /rp/ thread.

Overpony Is not technically a board, but a collection of the latest threads in every board on ponychan. Users cannot create a thread in the overpony since its not actually a board, but users are allowed to reply to threads listed in the overpony.

According to !!Celestia, the board was not part of Kusaba X, nor was it written by him. A kind anon wrote the script himself and gave it to him.

More recently, /all/ has had its script modified to receive news from local pony news blogs and a few splinter imageboards that branched off of Ponychan. Sites Added to /all/:

  1. Efchan
  2. Lunachan
  3. Equestria Daily
  4. Derpy Hooves News
  5. Derpibooru

is part of the many boards on Ponychan/MLPchan
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