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The Order of the Insomniacs is a long-running Ponychan serial dedicated to the nightest of night owls of Ponychan. Are you familiar with the effects of insomnia induced entertainment? Like making friends, babbling, a little bit of quasi-roleplay, telling people about their dreams and such? In that case, this might be the thread for you.

In order to get that similar effect to socialize here, it is recommended that you post late-night like everybody else.

At one point, there was an Order of the Insomniacs sister serial on MLPchan, though most users of the group had ultimately decided to stay on their home site at Ponychan's /gala/ board.

From the beginning, the serial has been largely maintained by the users TheLastAO♏╠Discord╣ !DarkAomzXk and Sonic FlutterYay╠Unlucky╣ !Fagotry7vY . Though you'll often find regulars on this serial such as Executive Rarity, Google Chrome, Indy, Soapy foten, Darkshadows, Desu or Die, etc.

Order of the Insomniacs
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