Operation: Sharing Kindness is a toy drive started by Moony !ALoveyoutM as a way to share Christmas kindness and cheer with children. The most recent thread about it is located here.


From the thread: "Christmas Season, the season of giving, is fast approaching. As a pony family, for most of us this is our first Christmas together, so I thought that we could do something really special. Let's show the world how generous the ponies are! It's time for a Holiday Season toy drive: 'tis the season to share kindness!

What is Operation Sharing Kindness?

OSK is a Ponychan/Pony Community Toy Drive that I've been planning since June and that I feel will be great way for us to share kindness with the poor fillies and colts who might not have toys to play with this winter. The drive hasn't started in earnest yet, but this is a placeholder announcement to let you know that it is coming.

How far along is it?

As of now, Operation Sharing Kindness is planning to collect toys or money donations in the form of pledges, which I will likely funnel into a larger, nationally recognized toy drive like Toys for Tots! That way, we can all buy lots of ponies for the children without leaving me buying tons of Transformers and having to deliver them to shelters and children's hospitals. That is the idea at the moment!

I've also been sponsor hunting, and so far I've secured a one thousand dollar grant and also have saved a few hundred dollars of my own to get the toy drive off the ground! Ideas and thoughts for how to help it grow even more are very much appreciated!

Please do let me know what you think! Sharing kindness can be an easy feat if we all work together. ♥"

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