DerpyPie's glorious OC

An average OC

OC's which stand for Original Content or can sometimes be used as Original Characters, are the godawful design mere mortals create when thinking that they can be creative and innovative. The most lacking and bland ones are generally made in the Pony Creator game in deviantArt.

Some people even go as far as avataring as there OC's and are generally frowend upon due to there lack of a life.

Note: OP actually has a good OC, so he knows stuff.
  • This is Lucky Shot. He was given his name because the user that made it gave a shot at OCing and was Lucky they didn't come off as an idiot.
  • This is actually the moderator of this wiki's long-suffering OC, Bowstring. Despite being drawn by many of /oat/'s best artists, she is criticised for no good reason at every turn.

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