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Nopony also went by names Salomon, 70% Jesus and That-Russian-Dude

General Info

Nopony is a Caucasian male with black hair and dark brown eyes. Height lower than average. Bony but buffed. Born at 29th of May, year 1994 at the city of Caspiysk, the one on the coast of Caspian Sea. He grew up as a sandnigger muslim and moved to southern Siberia at 15 years of age, where he lives to this day

Hobbies and Skills

Growing up in the Muslim gheto of Russia , he got basic survival training, as well as knowledge in farming and herding all kinds of domestic animals. This faggot knows how to make cheese out if milk and wine out of grapes, how to make fire and shelter, how to ride horses and how to take a shit in a wolf-infested forest using two sticks.

After moving deeper  into Russia, picked up hunting, in which he didn't have many significant accomplishments. Owns an ИЖ-58 , passed on by his grandfather.

Like any proper Russian, Nopony is a heavy drinker, holding his liquor well and never refusing a drinking challenge. Hates almost every other alcoholic beverage except VODKA and brandy: beer, wine, cocktails, champaigne...

Specially champaigne. Jesus, it's fucking disgusting.

Interwebs and MLPchan

Soon after discovery of worldwide web, our young Russian adventurer quickly went through gamenerd and weeaboo stages of internet maturing and ended up on 4chan's /k/ and /b/, where the first encounter with pone happened.

After usual routine of a newfriend he was assimilated into the fandom, mostly posting on /b/ and hanging out in "/b/ pony bread" Steam chatroom. When board-wide collapse of buttmaddery happened, he ceased activity until hearing of MLPChan from his good fellow Tom'.

Now he's a more or less regular poster on /oat/, often visiting Pony Joe threads. Usually avatarfags as the president of Russian Federation or the officially best pony ever, Applejack. Steers clear of the concept of self-insert pony OCs. Doesn't feel comfortable with RP-ing but goes with the flow when others do it.


Nopony is a socially awkward fella. Usually kind and overly trusting, yet cynical and easy on insults. Tries his best to be honest and true to his words and expects the same from others. Tends to get depressed over his failures, which makes him grumpy and lethargic. Cannot resist flattery or a simple praise, getting one makes him want more. Definite cam- and attention whore. His worst fear - being weak and powerless to defend himself or those he cares for.

Political sights - anarchic, socialistic.

Likes - good friends, riding horses, camping, snow, coffee, alcohol, sports people, music of all genres.

Dislikes - large crowds, governments, relationships, modern music industry, suicidal or spiteful people.

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