The secret /nope/ board

/nope/ is one of the "hidden boards" on Ponychan, which has existed since mid-2011. The page title "This Isn't 4chan" is a pretty good indicator of the purpose of the page.

A large number of Ponychan users came over after ponies began being banned on /b/ and /co/, so a substantial percentage are former or current 4chan posters. Ponychan admin !!Celestia wanted the site to be independent of 4chan however, and as such, wanted to create a separate culture for the new site. Created threads that were too much like those seen on 4chan (such as Boxxy, seen above) would be moved to /nope/ and automatically marked for deletion. Those who post the threads however are usually not punished

The word nope may be a reference to a viral video, featuring the engineer for the game Team Fortress 2, saying the word "nope", elongating his neck and walks off.

is part of the many boards on Ponychan/MLPchan
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