Nigel is sexy and knows it

The first posted Nigel blargah berry pic on ponychan (feb 2011)


In late feb of 2011 a Random blogger for ponychan started to re kindle the former nigel fied pictures

back on pony-chans /oat/ board. The poster officaly named ♣Nigel♣Blarg-a-berry soon spread constant nigel fied pony/human gifs and pictures acorss the board making many posters laugh, gawk, and some of them react in sheer "WTF" pictures. he has continuously posted in /oat/ for a year now and is widely known as "nigel"


Nigel has habits and typical quirks when he posts on the /oat/ board heres just a few

  • Often uses "~♥" at the end of seductive sentences or happy posts
  • Adresses others he doesnt know or is well known with as "darlings"
  • has terrible knee-slapping puns
  • uses gifs and pictures to get other posters riled up

Parody songs

One of Nigels most notable traits is making lyrical parodies of common songs most of them being pony or /oat/ related

one of the best song parodies Nigel has made is the bohemian rapsody parody for /oat/


Awsomeness tribute

"awesomenss tribitue" done by Nigel blarg-a-berry

"I am a friend first, a fan of MLP second, and a member of the /oat/ community forever"

"hello darlings~♥"

"Smashing darling!"

"ponychan is about community and unity of people who love the show MLP and how it teaches us all

how to love and enjoy one another"


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