Rainbow Smashing!

Nigel Thornberry, a character from The Wild Thornberrys, became relevant on the internet as a whole when people began remixing songs and inserting his garbled speech in lieu of key lyrics during the summer of 2011. He emerged on Ponychan on July 3rd, 2011, when an Oatmeal user named Radiance started a thread with the picture you see at the left and Rainbow Smashing., one of the few of his catchphrases "ponified".

It got many replies, including but not limited to "Kill it with fire!", "Jesus Christ, how horrifying!", and "Good show, poppet!" Adolf even posted a picture with Nigel's head in place of Hitler's. Gifs and macros were made and posted, and much enjoyment I anticipated experiencing upon performing said activity was had by all. Slowly but surely, Nigel began to catch on. A Winter Wrap Up remix featuring Nigel was also made.

The original Nigel thread was saved and trapped in a .zip archive for 1000 years, and is available here.