Filly Fluttersmiles

"i think you are wonderful just the way you are!"

This article is about !!Fluttershy's personal usertrip. For the Mod article, see !!Fluttershy (PC).

The community Ponychan is founded on is the first internet community site that Moony ever joined. Moony arrived at ponychan with the hopes of sharing his love and kindness pertaining to both the show and its fans to anyone willing to accept the kindness. Moony is currently among the most well known members of the community, and in January was made into a moderator, whom now serves under the name !!Fluttershy ## Mod ##. Moony has also been made into a moderator on the site efchan, where he also has the tag !!Fluttershy. However, he almost never uses it.

He first appeared on Ponychan in early 2011 with the rest of the growing fandom.

Community Contributions

Eh heh 2

um... i...

Ever since he came to Ponychan, he is considered a great member of the community, and has made countless contributions to its social interactions.

Ponychan Pinkie Poll

Main article: Ponychan Pinkie Poll

Moony is also the founder and the organizer of the Ponychan Pinkie Poll, which was a general community poll regarding new episodes, fandom topics, and last, ponychan topics. Currently, this is an active weekly event. These threads, since the making of them, are automatically stickied on /oat/ each week - the only series of threads 

Operation: Sharing Kindness

Main Article: Operation: Sharing Kindness

On November 2011, Moony started a seasonal charity called Operation Sharing Kindness, which was a Holiday Toy Drive for children who didn't have toys to play with over the Winter. It was actually a wide enough charity to get attention from Bronies for Good, The Brony Show, and even Equestria Daily. Unfortunately, after a solid state disk crash (I know what are the chances of that?), OSK was put on hold.

Since then, Operation Sharing Kindness has concluded, successfully raising over five thousand dollars for Doctors Without Borders.

Mod Recruit

In early January 2012, Moony was promoted to Moderator status. He requested the !!Fluttershy capcode from Fenolio, while Fenolio changed his monicker to !!AngelBunny.

External Links

  1. Operation Sharing Kindness - saved before the DDoS attack, you're welcome!
  2. OSK - 2nd thread

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