/ef/ favorite crop pic.

A Draenei Priestess in the popular MMO World of Warcraft, and more importantly, a shitty bandwagon of some repost on /ef/. Someone posted a thread asking why they were so attracted to her. Minutes later, there was a thread asking why the OP was so attracted to a picture of her with Commander Shepard's face shopped over her own. Then came Kyubey, Gabe Newell, et cetera.

This conclusively proves not only that everyone on /ef/ is an idiot, but that they're abnormally aroused by using MS Paint.


The original image.


FOR THE HORDE! (you're doing it wrong)((That's not what your mom said to me last night in bed.))(((I never knew you were my 4 year old brother)))((((I'm your pool boy, she was a very lonely woman.))))(((((I don't have a pool, you silly filly.)))))((((((I'm also your milkman/ mailman, tell your mother that I won't be able to see her this friday))))))

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