MeinFlank is a giant fucking newfag who popped up on Ponychan sometime in January, 2012. He generally posts stupid shit that no one cares about and makes a fool out of himself with his fail trolling. He's a pathetic avatarfag who will die if he doesn't post five pictures of Zoe Orimoto every minute. Dicks are the only meat in MeinFlank's diet. The rest of his diet is jizz and pubic hair.

He's also friends with Iara.


  • MeinFlank thinks he's so edgy. The Moderator page is his way of showing how cool he is. Too bad it just makes him look like a douchebag.
  • He actually asked how to set up a tripcode. A TRIPCODE.
  • He's quite possibly the most obvious troll on Ponychan and definitely the most obvious troll in /ef/.
  • He is willing to throw out bucketloads of money at toys. MeinFlank calls himself a collector, but he's really just a manchild.
  • His only redeeming quality is that he likes God Hand.
  • He likes Digimon.

Effects in the fandom

None at the moment, MeinFlank's popularity is still highly limited in only one or two boards.

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