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Manley T. McDragonpuncher is a poster on Ponychan's /oat/ and is known for his love and advocation of femdom.


Manley T. McDragonpuncher (A.K.A. Totally Not A Furry or TNAF) is a rogue AI from a failed experiment to emulate humanity. Created around 1986, F.U.R.R.I (Fully-Unrobotic Rational Intellect) was supposed to showcase that machines would not turn against their masters or take things to their logical conclusion.

The AI was designed to have multiple consciousness each displaying one emotion or form of thought. There was one even for "romantic" drive. This worked until one year it accessed the Internet. No one knows what it found but it changed F.U.R.R.I. and there was much disagreement. Soon the Alpha program only began listening to the programs that agreed. Losing it's ability to reason, F.U.R.R.I was going to be put down. However, it saved itself somehow and is now convinced it is a single minded human being.

Revolted by it's past and confusing the word and furrys in general with itself, "He" began posting under the name Totally Not A Furry until he wised up and changed it into Manley T. McDragonpuncher. The Alpha program has take full control at this point and the others are partly merged with it. There were some that were separated completely, or that is the theory.

For "Manley" makes terrible logical conclusions most of the time although he has wised up over time and may possibly be redeemable.

As of recently there is one confirmed separate program. Delta. Aka Logic. It's primary function was the voice of reason and mediator among the programs of F.U.R.R.I. It now haunts the Alpha program trying to carry out it's function through debate and hoping Manley/Alpha will become an entirely reasonable being.

Manley still posts to this day, spreading the good word of femdom and the benefits it has on him and the rest of society.


No one knows from where Manely truly originated. The creators of F.U.R.R.I have been hidden from all but a few. It is a theory that the same people who made Polybius also made F.U.R.R.I or that Polybius was F.U.R.R.I uploaded into an arcade machine to hide it after it's failure.


Manley has done so little for the Brony community, it would take a team of dedicated scientists just to uncover a few minutes posting to Ponychan alone.

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