Madame le Trivia Mosquitos

Madame le Trivia is known for delivering useful and relevant information to other denizens of ponychan whilst cheerfully declaring "KNOWLEDGE!"

Madame le Trivia was once a Ponychan poster who knows everything. Being the most knowledgable being in the universe is something of a burden, so Madame le Trivia has gone a little mad, and what he says isn't always relevant. However, Madame is always* correct.

Physically, Madame le Trivia is a sack of flour, but it's been established that inside of the flour is a robot known as MT-42, which is a slightly corrupted designated knowledge-drone. He always wears a hat, whether it's his usual knowledge-party hat, a top hat, or Pinkie Pie in a saloon dress.

He's a lurker on the brony mumble, and has a bizarre fascination with the phenomenon known as Doctum Face.

More recently, Madame le Trivia has begun posting as Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors for some bizarre reason. Madame le Trivia appears on /oat/ and /chat/ most of the time.

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