Berry punch license by xfizzle-d48f48w
Madame Berry Punch is an /oat/ regular. She hails from Russia, and is renowned for being very sensitive and blaming herself for everything.


Madame Berry Punch does not have a single mean bone in her body, and often makes threads simply for the sake of happy ponies and the magic of friendship. This poster is not afraid to make people laugh either, with witty comments and a kind heart.

Madame originally posted as Madame Le Flour. She was well known for having a love for music and the show. Contributions to her board include a parody of "The Internet is for Porn". Madame Berry Punch still hangs around on /oat/. She is a friend to all, and one of the few posters who follows what the fandom is supposed to be all around, albeit with consequences to her mental health. Her selflessness is enviable.

Also, she likes EMF for some reason.

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