Mlpchan flag - TPWPAF design idea 1 - flag - 15 by 9.25

Current MLPchan flag. Design by user TPWPF.

This is the MLPchan Moderator's Portal. For Ponychan's parallel portal, see: Ponychan List of Staff

MLPchan is known to consist of community members that are known for their relaxed policies and excellent script development that would rival the imageboard vendors themselves, writing server-end scripts with very few mistakes or bugs. Mods can choose whether to make their identities public or confidential under their volition.

MLPchan moderation is also praised for consistency, with mods being available at almost all time zones.

Capcode Usertrip Description

Anonthony !AppLeJAcK.

Founder/Community Admin

Macil !/5s/Techmk

System Admin

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy

General Mod
!!Big Macintosh

Legendary !!VhZ4lFrash

General Mod

Derpymouz !TheMouZ8I6

General Mod

Mellowbloom, el Gato de !/oat/bSI66

General Mod
!!Pinkie Pie

Starshine !SprintMJXo

General Mod

Ghosties !zGiggle1Ws

General Mod

Turnover Rate

MLPchan has had a low turnover rate for its lifetime. The former staff members are as follows;

Capcode Usertrip Appointed Resigned

Eudae !K0I3bDrQc6

7/13/12 9/2012


7/13/12 5/24/12

milky !miiiiilklE

8/13/12 1/2013

Marceline !dxpBMarcyU



!!Rainbow Dash

Lawny !uIsTheSex6

7/13/12 1/19/14
!!Twilight Sparkle

Cross Breeze !Q1IPegaSus

7/13/12 1/19/14

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