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Lyra's first onscreen appearance

Lyra Heartstrings sitting on a bench like a human S01E07

The posture that started it all.

Lyra Heartstrings (or just simply Lyra) is a mint green unicorn pony from the official show, with a white streak down her mane, whom of which is noted in fanon a popular background pony. The first name originates from her cutie mark, a lyre[1], and the last name is a term to refer to "the deepest feelings or affections, (i.e. to tug at the heartstrings)[2]. She has never been namedropped in the show, however is commonly given a name in merchandise. She is widely known for her humanlike sitting position in her appearance in Episode 7, Dragonshy, which was popularized via exploitable vectors, and later on, a widely accepted headcanon of her obsession with humans.


It is true that Lyra has made onscreen appearances in the background prior to Dragonshy, dating as far back as the scenes in Canterlot on the first episode. However, the widespread popularizing of b

Users on /co/ were quick to notice.

ackground ponies didn't become a staple of the fandom's nature until the further development of Derpy Hooves fanon had shown visible success. It was not until November 26, 2010 that she attracted what would become her own fanon. One user on /co/ had taken a stillshot of Episode 7 for the intentions of pointing out the unusual pony pose on the bench, which would normally be impossible for non-bipedal species in real life[3]. This human pose became the origin of her fanon popularity.


The sitting Lyra vector, in her early popularity, was commonly photoshopped with images and posted on Ponibooru. This was an early meme involving her. As she gained more widespread attention, the humanlike pose had later evolved into a theorized headcanon of which she has an obsesssion with anthropology, and would gladly love to become a human herself.[4]

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One of the many coincidental pairings with Bonbon.

Pairing with BonBon

In multiple episodes of the show, such as "Fall Weather Friends" and "Swarm of the Century," As she made further onscreen appearances, it was later pointed out her coincidental pairing with another background pony, BonBon. Fans took this canon-approved attachment as an opportunity to interpret their relation to be intimate, also known as shipping. It would be very common to see threads on /oat/, /pic/ and /art/ on Ponychan that would involve the two. Searches of the mint-green pony would often yield results and trends on artist outlets such as a group on DeviantART called Lyrafanclub[5], Equestria Daily, Derpy Hooves News, and at the time, Ponibooru. 

Equestria Daily has featured fanfiction that would involve Lyra's shipping with BonBon. One of the earliest instances of such shipping include ButterScotchSundae's "How Lyra Met Bonbon,[6]" which was written during /co/'s Valentine's Day Write-Off[7]. In this story, Applejack tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders how the two first met and got their cutie marks[8].

One of the more familiar fanfiction series to involve the shipping includes "On a Cross and Arrow," a popular Rule 63 fanfic by Conner Cogwork. The fimfiction submission, despite the original series written in Google Docs, has over 25,000 views.[9]

Staff Response on the Pairing

The commonly seen pairing of the two ponies in the show, according to a layour artist from the show in an AllSpark forum was never intentional was out of complete coincidence.

As far as Lyra goes, currently on the cartoon side of things, she is a nameless background pony, the toy side of things now has a pony, that at the very least closely resembles her named Heartstrings...The Lyra/Bonbon pairing I’d say is mostly coincidental. When setting up a crowd scene I tend to place ponies next to each other based on their colors as well as the colors of the surroundings. You want the colors to compliment each other but also not draw attention away from the focus of the scene.

–Nayuki, Allspark[10]

Affinity for Humans

The most popular fanfic that surrounds a story for Lyra is written by JasonTheHuman, which is titled, "Anthropology". This story follows Lyra's pursuit of knowledge about humans[11]. It is often critically praised for staying within the ponies' established personalities, yet straying from predictiability[12]. On FIMfiction, the story has gained over 84,000 readings and remains the second most popular fanfic on the site, second behind My Little Dashie[13].

The story itself has gained a following in fanart, including a work-in-progress animated musical of which is loosely based on the fanfic.

Anthropology - Lyra's Song (WIP Rough Storyboard)02:21

Anthropology - Lyra's Song (WIP Rough Storyboard)

Currently, Hasbro releases toy lines that address the minty green unicorn by her fanon name.

Lyra Plushie

This article contains questionable content.

What evil have I seen on my computer screen.


!!Trixie responding to the aftermath of the Lyra Plushie.

On May 27th, 2012, a custom stitched Lyra Plushie was placed in an online auction site called "The Dealer's Den" by a user of the name "Hoppip," who also happens to be the manager of the Development Team, Ponykart. Not only did the plushie come with removable clothing, but the back of the plushie revealed "a special hole in her butt that you can stick your penis in" [sic], and closed on June 3rd with 134 bids at a closing bid of £460 GBP ($704 USD).[14]

Many users, mainly from Ponychan's /merch/, either reacted with disgust or proceeded to make jokes about the doll. The aftermath eventually resulted in the global banning of the linking of the auction and the DeviantART gallery. The whole controversy itself resulted in a fanart following. 


Hoppip commenting on the DMCA.

Hasbro Legal Action

On June 26th, the gallery inexplicably was removed from Hoppip's account. Hoppip himself appeared on /merch/ and commented on why the topic started trending again.

About a month after the listing of the plushie on the auction, legal attorney Carin Reynolds of Golenbock Eiseman Assor Bell and Pesoke LLP, representative of Hasbro requested the removal of the Lyra Plushie gallery from Hoppip's account. Hoppip later contacted dA's help desk asking for an explanation in concern to the takedown of his gallery.

The help desk clarified the incident to Hoppip and sent him the following E-mail received in their inbox. 


Lyra Plushie DMCA Notice


After some digging of info, it was revealed that Carin Reynolds has previously filed DMCA notices on behalf of Hasbro, which brings us to the conclusion that this E-mail is legitimate[15][16][17].

Lyra Plushie Gallery

"Sitting Lyra" Gallery



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